Trade Show Exhibit Display

When it comes to displaying in trade shows Pedestal Express is front and center. When you consider all the planning and expertise that goes into doing a trade show exhibit display correctly you don't want to drop the ball when it comes to who's pedestals to use.

The Benefits of Pedestal Express Trade Show Exhibit Displays

Pedestal Express can ship direct to your first trade show exhibit display in its sturdy carton that contains 10 pedestals each. This patented knocked down design saves you 75% of set up size saving space and costs in transporting. Even at the trade show floor, setting up can be frustrating for a lack of floor space. These 10 pedestals have a footprint of only 13 by 26 inches in the carton so they will not be in your way. The time it takes to set these 10 pedestals up or put away is 20 minutes. The carton has a 275 pound bursting pressure per inch so it can be used for many a trade show exhibit display.

What does a 60-pound carton cost (10 pedestals) to ship anywhere in the lower 48? About 39 dollars will get it from the two farthest points Los Angles to New York for example. So, when it comes to compact, low cost purchase & transporting, neutral design & color, think Pedestal Express for your next trade show display exhibit.

"Our biggest trade show if the year, Pittcon (an analytical chemistry show), was recently held in Chicago (March 9 - 12). Due to the current economic situation, we needed to cut our show costs, and rather than send our standard booth, or rent pedestals from the show service provider (at $400 each!!), we decided to purchase 12 of your 42-inch pedestals with six accessory oval tops for the show.

The pedestals worked out great, and looked very nice in the booth. They were very easy to assemble and were sturdy enough to support our products.

As you requested, I've attached some photo of the booth and the pedestals that I hope you can use on your website. Please let me know if you have any questions."

Thanks and regards,
Michael Guzy Manager
Corporate Communications
Ohaus Corporation

"What a simple invention, really easy to assemble and a sturdy platform for over 20 trade shows and we expect these to last another 20 at least."
Elaine Sterling

Pedestal Express has been selling to industrial trade show exhibitors since 1993. These exhibitors tell me that they work perfectly. We have never had a customer call and say this or that broke and they need a replacement. You can reasonably expect 50 trade show uses, and when you consider you purchased these for the price of one rental... it becomes clearly a great choice. Weighing in at 6 pounds (average) you can reship Pedestal Express from show to show for a song. Call me personally if you still have any questions.
Patrick J. Mitchell
Inventor and Patent Holder
888 762 7735