Tiered Plant Stands


Buy our tiered plant stands in 6 inch, 12 inch, 18 inch, 24 inch, 30 inch, 36 inch, 42 inch and 48 inch denominations. This tiered-plant-stand-pedestal-display-system is comprised of patented interchangeable modular pedestals of different heights that easily combine to create a variety of display configurations.

Get the 8-tiered plant stand advantage direct from Pedestal Express’ own innovative inventor Patrick J. Mitchell. Our tiered system is free flowing and has much more than one display surface - it has 8 levels! Modular display pedestals means that there is an infinite amount of flexibility for sliding these tiered plant stands on the floor to get them where you need them most for a particular arrangement, and to get your display to the exact heights required.

Our plant stands are 100 percent waterproof. They won’t rust, chip or dent, and they’re portable! Portability means that these tiered plant stands can be transported in one-fourth the setup size. They can be used on the go in plant shows. We have many traveling plant show customers that are very happy with the great portability of our pedestals. And when they’re done with a plant show they can easily knock the plastic pedestals down and put them into a box for the next show.

Our tiered plant stands when loaded with plants are practically invisible. All you see is the plants - not what’s holding them up. The simple pillar design melds into the whole plant composition. You will find no other type of plant stand that has as large a display surface.

They make the most elegant presentations for retail and trade show displays, plant shows, potted plant shows, etc. If you require portable flower stands and consider all the benefits of our tiered plant stands, your search is now over. With our innovative design, you’re in no way pigeon holing your plants. You’re the creator, the grower and the display maker. With our pedestals, the only limit is your own creativity. This product also makes great corner tiered plant stands, portable flower stands, or even stationary flower plant stands. Our eight piece tiered plant stands are packaged in one carton for shipping and storing. Our collapsible plastic pedestals are a perfect fit for retail and tradeshow displays, exhibitors hitting the local plant shows.

Are you looking for corner tiered plant stands? Are you in need of retail display pedestals for corners, or have corner space issues on the road? These circular plastic pedestals require the least amount of floor space compared to square pedestals. In fact they make an excellent corner tiered plant stand or a square corner tiered plant stand. Our plastic pedestals will nest in the corner better than any flower plant stands. Just imagine making your 8 level-tiered plant stands out of the corner - out, with 8 unique levels to fit your exact requirements.

Plant stores use our tiered plant stands for displaying houseplants, and they are also ideal for use in homes. Plant stores can sell our pedestals along with their plant displays. Consumers may also buy our plants stands directly from this Web site for home use.

Do you have large plants? If so, you might also benefit from our 15 inch oversized lids for your pedestals so they have a larger display surface for larger plants. Our innovative15-inch overlaying lids lie on top of display pedestals and provide much more room to display larger plants.
"Just wanted you to know I received my pedestals and they look just beautiful on our deck, holding our potted plants. They were packaged very well and easily assembled in no time at all. Thank you for a great product!
Maryann Carney
"Our Floral store has never looked better, the waterproof black pedestals just meld into the interior landscape. Our floral designs just jump out at you when you walk in, thank you!"
Shirley PrintoffX

Our tiered plant stand systems are comprised of durable plastic pedestals. These tiered plant stands are easy to ship, strong, lightweight, and economical. Pedestal Express has been manufacturing impervious plastic pedestals that will hold up to 500 pounds since 1993. These portable flowers stands are waterproof and will last 25 years or more.