Product Testimonials

"I can't tell you how well the pedestals worked out for us.they did exactly what I wanted them to do! Thanks for all of your help."

Mike Daley
America's ClayFest 


"I ordered your pedestals because of those I saw on the internet, yours stood out because they were modular, sturdy, light,easily shippable, and priced right. There were some cardboard ones, but they weren't modular. Likewise, there were some wood ones, but they were not light or modular. My product in my Bellevue Artsfairbooth was about the same this year as last, but I sold 3 times as much this year, I won one of ten $1,000 awards for excellence out of 325 booths, and I estimate my traffic more than doubled over last year. The award alone more than paid for my pedestals. I attribute the difference to much improved presentation, and the pedestals were the single most important component of this improvement." 
John Shrader
Crest Creations

"We're very happy with the pedestials, your service, communication, shipping, etc... The pedestals are very easy to put up and take down, etc... We use 12 pedestals with tops and they breakdown and pack up nicely in minimal space for easy shipping. " 
Vance Young 
Scribble Software Inc. 

"I just wanted to thank you again for the pedestals...they worked extremely well for us at the show we attended last week in Las Vegas. I thought you would like to see a photo of our actual show booth with the pedestals in use. Thanks again!
Steve Hanson
Versa Electronics


"I went through a full show season using the pedestals...from indoor shows to outdoors. The pedestals worked well and I received many compliments. I hope to replace all my wood pedestals soon with your pedestals. Attached is one display at an indoor show. Thanks for a great product! My set-up and tear-down time has been reduced; to say nothing of the space saving box."

Mari Bolen 
Bolen Bronze Studios



"Our biggest trade show if the year, Pittcon (an analytical chemistry show), was recently held in Chicago (March 9 - 12). Due to the current economic situation, we needed to cut our show costs, and rather than send our standard booth, or rent pedestals from the show service provider (at $400 each!!), we decided to purchase 12 of your 42-inch pedestals with six accessory oval tops for the show. The pedestals worked out great, and looked very nice in the booth. They were very easy to assemble and were sturdy enough to support our products."

Michael Guzy Manager
Corporate Communications



"I would like to thank you for all of your help with the pedestals. Figuring out what I needed and would work best for my situation. The assembling of the pedestals was very simple and storing them is a dream. They don't take up a lot of space. My display was so inviting and professional looking, it drew people in. I am very happy with my choice of pedestals and would recommend them again."

Renee Anderson
Grassy Key, Florida Keys



You have an absolutely fantastic product. My pedestals have survived traveling, unloading and loading, my inside and outside art & craft shows, and, now, a severe, very windy, thunderstorm. Everyone comments on the pedestals and many of the other exhibitors want to know where to buy them. Your pedestals are well made and easy to assemble. Kudos to a great product!! I'm attaching photos of my inside and outside set up for you to see.

Katie Mullins