20 Year Pedestals

   Pedestal Express was born with aerospace engineers doing the tooling here in Seattle. We are fortunate enough to be in a hotbed of some of the sharpest tooling and die companies in North America who make Boeing parts. That was  1993 and the expertise has paid off over a couple of trouble free decades. The precision of how the Pedestal Express patented parts fit together is nothing short of amazing. They assemble to be thrown down a flight of stairs and stay together and yet can be assembled and disassembled hundreds of times as in the application of expositions. We have employed propriety techniques to meet such precision tolerances that capitalize on + - thousandths of an inch. Controlling every aspect of plastic molding under one roof has its advantages. Pedestal Express manufacturing is all done here and not some offshore facility. Our original production run is still in use 20+ years later. That is why we call this a 20 year Pedestal. You can bet on us to ship you thoroughly tested and inspected components for a Pedestal system second to none.