Pedestal Plant Stands

The Benefits of Pedestal Express Plant Stands

These display pedestals also make great plant stands; they are totally waterproof and will withstand a wide range of temperatures. They are being used in coolers by the retail floral industry and as merchandisers to sell houseplants. Since these plant stands are waterproof they make watering a snap.

There is also a growing demand in home and offices to put plants on stands that will be a neutral design and blend into home and office décor. Pedestal Express pedestals are a perfect remedy for this, when used with plants they are a low enough profile not to detract from seeing just beautiful plants. With the beige or the black color, plants look great on these neutrals, and you see more plant and less pedestal. 

If you are a retail plant store needing plant stands then think of the advantages of using them for an additional resale item. Your customers will buy these pedestals for many home uses including plants. They store in a space saving carton and assemble as needed. You will get two sales out of that same square footage by putting a retail price on the plant stands! Give us a call for additional suggestions in retailing these pedestals at 1-888-762-7735.