Wedding Pillars / Modular Pillars

Our modular pillars are great for weddings, store displays, trade shows and more. Here's are a few key features.    

Modular Pillars that work well for weddings, churches, stages and store props. Designed with transport in mind and knock down to ¼ set up size. Two Pillars will fit into the front passenger seat of a car.

Two foot sections assemble easily and we provide a rubber mallet for compressing the patented assembly. Each order is packed in 275# bursting test cartons for safe transport.

Washable high impact plastic bodies and end caps won’t chip dent or rust. Each component is made in our own facility here in Washington State. The hidden plywood is ½ inch exterior grade and waterproof like the pedestals themselves.

Questions? Please call 888 762 7735 or email

We also have secure online ordering. 95% of the orders are shipped within 24 hours.