Light Stands

The Benefits of Pedestal Express Light Stands

One of the best utilizations of floor space in retailing lamps is what is known as clusters of lamp stands displaying portable lamps. Clustering small groups of pedestals/light stands that are close together allows more lamps to be shown in the least amount of square footage. By using our five different heights you can display various sizes of lamps nesting them together by styles, manufactures or colors. One lighting retailer overlaps the shades within the cluster, thus making maximum use of today's expensive square footage.

Lighting retailers that sell portable lamps know the importance of having a broad selection. There are now many lighting showrooms displaying as many as 300 individual lamps on light stands. Some people may question that this is too many and how do we effectively inventory so many? The key here is to use very specific categories. By putting all the brass together or crystal together you have to rely on many clusters again, only with these huge lamp selections you then sub-group by price point or style.

Lets face it, if you have a minimal amount of lamps for sale, the customer is going to the lighting retailers who specialize in this category and boast the best selection. There is such a lighting retailer that admits 300 lamps on light stands are not 6 inventory turns a year. In fact he admits that many lamps in that 300 group never sell and he has changed his thinking and refers to them as store fixtures. There are times in retailing a product you are forced to carry (store fixtures as product) to be the largest selection in town and have a reputation for it. The eighty twenty rule works here, twenty percent of your selection provides eighty percent of the sales.

 "This is our 3rd order as we expand our lighting showroom, the pedestals we originally purchased about ten years ago look and match our latest order and we love them."

E.B. Baker