Are we Green?

Yes! In our 21th year we continue on the same green path, nothing has changed. Every aspect is made here in Washington State under strictest controls. The pedestals we manufacture & sell are good for a couple of decades at least, and are not prematurely in land fills. When the time comes to recycle the pedestals we will do the recycling for you. Just return prepaid. Our operation does not use recycled plastic in our pedestals because the longest life is from virgin plastic. Our own in-house rejects get sent to a local plastic molder to recycle and melt down for products. The plywood can be recycled or reused with a fresh set of pedestals. We buy the plywood as a rescued part. Our supplier cuts larger parts out of sheets of plywood and the 14 inch to 16 inch strips as their by-product get cut into 12 inch circles for Pedestal Express saving everyone landfill space. Nothing as a by product of our operation goes into landfill. We use a carton manufacturer who uses recycled corrugate in our new cartons. Strength of cartons are 350 pounds per square inch or 275 psi FOL so they can be used numerous times from show to show. Rest assured, there is not a more earth friendly pedestal on the market and at the rate things are going it is 20+ years out to even consider end of useful life.