FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If I purchase pedestals today will the future orders match in color and style?
A. Yes, in fact the first pedestals (in beige) we sold in 1993 match today's production exactly. The black is now a matte finish and matches our non-scratch texture. 

Q. How long do you expect these display pedestals to last?
A. Our customers we sold in 1993 claim they look like new when they place new orders. In 2001 we added 10% rubber to our rigid plastic to make even more pliable, so you may expect 25 years from today's pedestal production.Q.Are the pedestals green?


Q. Are We Green?
A. Yes, in our 21th year we continue on the same green path, nothing has changed. Every aspect is made here in Washington State under strictest controls. The pedestals we manufacture & sell are good for a couple of decades at least, and are not prematurely in land fills. When the time comes to recycle the pedestals we will do the recycling for you. Just return prepaid. Our operation does not use recycled plastic in our pedestals because the longest life is from virgin plastic. Our own in-house rejects get sent to a local plastic molder to recycle and melt down for products. The plywood can be recycled or reused with a fresh set of pedestals. We buy the plywood as a rescued part. Our supplier cuts larger parts out of sheets of plywood and the 14 inch to 16 inch strips as their by-product get cut into 12 inch circles for Pedestal Express saving everyone landfill space. Nothing as a by product of our operation goes into landfill. We use a carton manufacturer who uses recycled corrugate in our new cartons. Strength of cartons are 350 pounds per square inch or 275 psi FOL so they can be used numerous times from show to show. Rest assured, there is not a more earth friendly pedestal on the market and at the rate things are going it is 20+ years out to even consider end of useful life.

Q. How large is the display surface?
A. Our standard pedestal diameter is 12 inch and we have 15.5 inch round display surface accessory tops. Another option is 15.5 by 31.5 oval top that snaps onto two pedestals (any height) and has 450 square inches of display space. What about square pedestals? Square pedestals are...well square and they waste premium floor space in expeditions and retail stores. Round is easier to navigate around, less stubbed toes. 

Q. Can I buy just one pedestal?
A. You bet you can. The freight on the website per pedestal.


Q. What if we have a flood or want to use them for plants that we water?
A. The display pedestals are 100% waterproof plastic and the 1/2 inch plywood disks are marine grade, so you could submerge them with no problems. The hidden plywood inserts help us reach our 500 pound capacity.


Q. Is every pedestal part interchangeable with every other pedestal part?
A. Yes, that is the modular design hard at work. Commingle the parts to make various heights and mix colors too. Want black rings on white pedestals for the tuxedo look? Sure give us a call.


Q. What if I want to add additional weight to the base?
A. There is an attached plywood floor on 24, 30, 36, 42 and 48 inch units, so you can lower a water jug or bag of sand if you like. Most customers find the stability more than adequate with nothing added . You can now order 15.5 inch tops & bases for even more stability, recommended for 42 and 48 inch heights.


Q. What kind of a guarantee do these display pedestals come with?
A. Every part is covered by a 110% guarantee for material and craftsmanship. Since every part is made here in Washington State in our own facility the reject factor that leaves our facility is zero. The industrial carton is 8 pounds empty, has a double wall and 350# side wall bursting test certification.


Q. Where are these Displays manufactured?
A. Manufactured in our Snap & Sell plant on Bainbridge Island (just west of Seattle 8 miles) in Washington State, USA. Our trades people have an average of 28 years in plastic engineering and or production. Trust us we know what we are doing. Our current manufacturing facility controls all distribution in North America. 


Q. Do you ship to Canada?
A. we have been exporting to Canada since 1993. Know the protocol with clearing your order. Give us a call for Canadian orders. Our office is 100 miles from Vancouver BC. Just outside Seattle.


Q. What heights can I build?
A. 6, 12,18,24.30,36,42,48,54,60, 66, & 72 inches tall. 


Q.What colors are available?
A. We have black, white and beige in solid plastic color or you can paint with Fushion for Plastic spray paint found in hardware stores.


Q. How fast can I get my order shipped?
A. The order will be shipped same or next day with no rush charge.  Fedex Express will deliver expedited next day, two day or three day, Ground service is standard and take 1 - 5 business days. please call us to discuss what you want and when it has to arrive. This is our only business and after 20 years of shipping to meet deadlines we are proud of our promise to meet your exact requirements. Upon shipping we email you tracking numbers.


Q. What is the size of these pedestals in cartons?
A. Our standard pack knocks down 75%. Single pedestals will follow this same methodology getting nested product into the smallest possible carton. Our Pedestal Express I package is 13 by 26 by 31 inches and 56 pounds shipping weight. these 10 pedestals of various height hits the sweet spot to  a optimized 75% knocked down shipment.