Pedestal Express (DBA: Snap & Sell Corporation) was established in 1993 with the sole purpose of providing modular pedestals.

Our idea from the beginning was to keep it simple. With only one product line to manufacture it has been a snap keeping up with demand. Our same day shipping on 99% of incoming orders has allowed us to meet and consistently exceed your delivery expectations.

Modular flexibility is the operative word to best describe our exclusive patented display system. From a handful of components utilizing interchangeability we have designed a modular pedestal that can change heights upon demand. The strength from it's patented design is well known. The average pedestal weighs 9 pounds, yet will hold up to 500 pounds. We only use waterproof 1/2 inch plywood for hidden supports, never press board or MDF. 

Our high impact plastic pedestals are still in use after 20 years, sometimes in harsh retail and outdoor exhibition environments. This not only means great value to you, it also means the engineering that went into our purpose built pedestal is second to none.


We have been a brick and mortar business
since 1993. Our goal is to give you the
same friendly service as if you were our
next door neighbor. Call us 1-888-762-7735