Why buy from Pedestal Express?

For over 20 years our sustainable pedestals is our only business. When you place an order you can rest assured your display pedestal order will be out the door in mint condition within 24 hours. This is not a one off effort to craft your pedestals from scratch.  We pride ourselves in maintaining adequate pedestal inventory that is 100% identical to all the other matching inventory of pedestals. Being US made (all under one roof) & under the watchful eye of Patrick Mitchell, who has had a vested interest in your satisfaction for more than two decades. Need something special, write us and get an answer the same day or call 888 762 7735.

Why round pedestals?

At the cost for square footage at an exhibition, retail, art gallery or trade show space extra square inches turns into lots of wasted square footage. Navigation around a display pedestal is the key. Your goal is to make the best presentation in the least amount of exhibition space.  So, next time you want to plan your exhibit space, consider the options of round vs square. Oh, BTW don't be a square.

Trade Show direct

We shipped our first order of Trade Show pedestals in 1993. Since then thousands of Trade Show Pedestals have been shipped direct to trade show sites utilizing just in time arrivals. If there is time it is always best to ship to the off site trade show address. This guarantees the pedestals will be in your trade show booth before your arrival. Our 350# test double wall cartons are trade show friendly. In fact, they can be used umpteen times and weigh 8 pounds empty. We fit 10 display pedestals in one carton that measure 13 by 26 by 31 inches and weighs 56 pounds. Give us a call 888 762 7735 to discuss your upcoming trade shows.